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Grand Ideas to Garden in a Flat

Do you live in the city but lack a yard to garden? Let’s learn to garden with what space we have.

JM Heatherly
9 min readJun 24, 2021


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Traditionally, food crops and flowers grow in the ground, and humans perfected the art throughout millennia. Today, folks still flock to cities where there are jobs and resources. However, they lose yard space when living in apartment dwellings. In these circumstances, necessity requires a bit of unconventional thinking to appease the gardening bug.

Want to have your tomato and eat it too? There are ways to do so. Craving fresh herbs in the dead of winter but don’t want to leave the comfort of your condo? Cultivation within containers supplements that desire but requires a bit more maintenance than setting it and forgetting it.

You may choose to garden because there are ways to fulfill that need beyond digging in the ground. Whether on a balcony, near a sunny window or beneath a lamp, you must bring the forest to you. We flesh this out in detail as follows: why garden in your apartment, plant needs, what you can grow, and how to grow it.

Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

Why garden in your apartment?

If you made it to this blog, you are probably already interested in apartment gardening. However, some remain to be convinced, so allow me to appease your reservations. By bringing the forest to your flat, you can freshen up your space, produce food or medicine, and more.

Plants situated throughout your place brighten up your living space with little cost. It costs even less if you refine your horticultural skills and learn to Clone plants from cuttings. Keeping houseplants improves mood, calms a space, and cleans the air. Houseplants reduce ambient, indoor carbon dioxide by up to 10%, and a 1989 NASA study confirms the remediation properties of some varieties in absorbing air pollution.

Light availability dictates what can be grown, but you can raise food and medicinal plants while living densely in cities. Flowers and fruiting varieties need 6 or more hours of…



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