Herby Hour Series

Whet the Palette with This Sweet Treat

To our loyal bees

JM Heatherly
Mar 5, 2023


Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

We love our pollinators, and they love sugary snacks like anise hyssop. Recall where planting one acre feeds 100 honeybee hives. What better libation than a little sugary sweetness!

An apéritif intends to stimulate the stomach in preparation for a meal — a liquid appetizer. While Native Americans use this as medicine, a taste of tincture won’t do any harm. So remember to pour one for Gaia.

We head across the pond to the UK for this recipe, where three-Michelin star Chef Simon Rogan concocts his potions. He gathers and grows his ingredients. He presents a combination of honey, raspberry, and anise hyssop for our balmy bee buddies.

Libation: Rogan’s Raspberry Anise Apéritif

Ingredients: Anise Hyssop, freeze-dried raspberries, water, caster sugar, honey, apple juice, and lemon juice.

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